Hey! Let’s save this summer!

That was the idea behind our new Labor Day campaign for Honda conceived by Sarah Inglis and Lesly Pyle. Let’s face it. This summer has sucked like none other. Really, the best thing you can do is pile your inner circle into a Honda and enjoy a road trip with fewer stops and plenty of safety. So, we invented the Honda Safe Adventure — a road trip you can take with only one stop for gas. And thanks to Honda’s amazing MPGs, one fillup can provide a ton of fun.

Our campaign takes the form of a travel log — a family vacation scrapbook. With a playful hand–made visual style, we remind folks that buying a new Honda is the best way to save this summer.

“Rashida’s Honda Safe Adventure” :30

“Kids’ Honda Safe Adventure” :30

“Civic Safe Adventure” :15

“CR-V Safe Adventure” :15

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Agency Credits | Baker Street Advertising
Co-Chairman/CEO/Strategist: Don Donovan
Co-Chairman/Founder: Jack Boland
Chief Creative Officer: Brian Bacino
Creative Director/Campaign Art Director: Sarah Inglis
Copywriter: Lesly Pyle
Digital Art Director: Anne To
Producer: Brody McHugh
Account Director: Tracey Pereira
Account Executive: Julian Cagonot
Assistant Account Executive: Jordan Leet
Media Director: Glenn Yajko
Digital Media Director: Jason Cantor
Broadcast Director: Shelly Kalianis
Digital Ad Ops manager: Christina Cruz
Senior Broadcast Media Buyer: Cel Vital Bella
Media Broadcasting Buyer: Tracey Tschappat
Assistant Media Buyer: Indira Valladeres

Video Production Credits | Bent Image Lab
Directors: Chel White and Patrick Coan
Executive Producer: Ray Di Carlo
Producer: Rebecca Wells
CG Artist: Andrew Dieffenbach
Compositor/2D: Barna Howard
Editor: Brent Heise
CG Coordinator: Byron Gilmer

Audio Production Credits | One Union Recording
Sound Engineers: Andy Greenberg and Joaby Deal