45 Honda and Acura Associations, 350+ million in annual billings, 192 media markets.

Pinnacle has been partners with Honda DAAs for more than 16 years with 45 accounts across the country. We know American Honda, the Honda Dealers and the Honda DAA business. With past Tier 2 Association experience working with brands like Ford, Chevrolet, Buick/GMC, Toyota, Nissan, Lincoln, Stellantis, Jaguar/Land Rover, and more, we can confidently say we know Tier 2 and the most effective advertising strategies to grow your market share.

big/small agency

Our recipe for success is combining our big agency tools, specialties, processes, strategies, and technologies with the quickness, agility, and responsiveness of a small agency. We accomplish this through an assigned, dedicated, local, in-market team who are on your business cycle, in constant pursuit of finding opportunities to grow your market share.

brand builders

Our “entrepreneurial” environment encourages thinking big and creating ideas for our clients that cut through the clutter and reach the right customer at the right time. We build a lasting presence through trend-setting creative and a strategic approach that puts you ahead of the competition.

never settle

We love advertising and working with our clients to accomplish their goals. Our passion and dedication to develop game-changing ideas for them never stops, because we never settle, and when you never settle great things happen.



Case Study

Coachella Valley Honda Dealers

We created the Mucho Value campaign to connect with the 70% Hispanic market in Coachella Valley. From 2016-2019 Honda’s overall market share improved by 23.37%, while the Hispanic share increased by 38%.

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Hispanic market share

Increased by

0 %


Expertly fueling growth in the sales of Hondas.

Case Study

Capital Region Honda Dealers

Honda sales up 14% YOY and ranked #1 in market share at 13.7%. Our geofencing efforts resulted in 12,820 store visits in one year.

Sales Up

0 %


Ranked #1
in market share at

0 %


Being visible during every stage of the purchase journey.

Case Study

Western Washington Honda Dealers

We created “The Honda Hybrid Road” campaign to attract a specific hybrid buyer using the new CR-V Hybrid as the halo vehicle. The CR-V Hybrid accounted for only 1.6% of total segment share and now accounts for 7.4% of total segment share – a 463% increase.

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CR-V Hybrid
total market share

Increased by

0 %

March 2021



Creatively cutting through clutter and high production costs.

Case Study

Detroit Honda Dealers

Our unique creative approach increased DAA website traffic and in-store visits by 10%, increased market share by 12%, and now Honda is the #1 selling import brand in the most challenging market in the country.

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Increased Market Share by

0 %


Creating custom targeted turnkey events.

“Pinnacle created an annual Military Appreciation campaign with a number of different touch points – TV, online banners, Air Show sponsorships, on-base advertising and more. Genuine creative that really moved the needle.”

–Jay Malone, Hampton Roads Honda Dealers 

“There’s a trust and value of working with Pinnacle. Our dedicated representative was immediately in-step with executing our goals through strategically developed partnerships. We’re building relationships with new prospects before they even walk into the dealership.”

– Brad Siegers, West Michigan Honda Dealers

Case Study

West Michigan Art Prize - West Michigan Honda Dealers

Increased Honda market share to 13.4% in an extremely competitive market, while boosting Accord, Civic, CR-V, and Odyssey to #1 in their segments.

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Increased Market Share to

0 %

March 2021

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